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Questions about the liability of having a climbing structure in your school, home or place of business?

Protect yourself by following these four simple steps.

  1. Have your climbing / bouldering wall designed and built by an insured professional climbing company. Anyone will build you a climbing structure, most installations are fairly simple, but few are insured to do so, and unfortunately general contractors insurance is not adequate.
  2. Always follow the safety guidelines set out for you by your professional climbing wall building company. Make sure that you are always using the proper protective equipment for example; mats, ropes and harnesses. It is only by following the safety guidelines will you ensure that everyone has a safe climbing experience.
  3. Post a sign on the climbing / bouldering wall indicating that no one is to climb without properly trained supervision. Because climbing and bouldering walls are relatively new, a warning will inform a person that there is a possible risk involved in climbing. Without a sign a person could fain that they "did not know" that climbing could be dangerous.
  4. Create a waiver form for your facility for people to sign prior to using your climbing structure. Most people will agree that a swimming pool, trampoline or skateboard ramp is potentially more dangerous than a climbing or bouldering wall. Because climbing and bouldering walls are relatively new by comparison, by signing a waiver a person states that they understand that there is a possible risk involved in taking part in the following activity.

Rockcreation Inc. is a professional climbing wall building company that stands behind our work. Rockcreation Inc. only builds using stamped engineered drawings and designs for our Climbing and Bouldering walls.

Rockcreation Inc. carries Special Risks Insurance and Course of Construction Insurance on all of our installations.

Because we are local Rockcreation Inc. can easily send out a representative to your facility in the event that you have any concerns or questions. You are in good hands when you choose Rockcreation Inc. as your climbing wall provider.